Easter Baskets

A walk through our greenhouses will melt the winter blues away!! Secor Farms will reopen this spring at the end of March with a large selection of Easter decorations ranging from planted Easter baskets to palm crosses. We also carry pots of tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils.

Spring Cleaning

Itching to get back into the garden? Pansies, violas and our assorted “cool weather” perennials are the perfect pick for this time of year. Grass seed, top soil and mulch are available for your spring clean up.


Our greenhouses are filled to capacity with a vast variety of annuals for both sunny and shady areas that, with proper care, will thrive in containers, window boxes and gardens. Our annuals come in a number of different sized pots, flats and hanging baskets. Although, many of our plants are in full bloom at the end of April, we recommend planting after May 15th to avoid frost damage.


Looking for less planting in the garden? Than a perennial is the answer. Perennials will not bloom all season long the way an annual will, but they do come back year after year. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist with bloom times, light requirements and easy to grow varieties. In addition, our newly expanded line of small trees, evergreens, shrubs, roses and hydrangeas make it possible for homeowners to plant all on their own.

Vegetable Gardens

Planting a vegetable garden can be easy and fun. From broccoli to zucchini you will find it all here at Secor Farms. And what summer dish would be complete without fresh herbs from the garden? Our many varieties of herbs will give your dish the perfect flavor.

Combination Pots

Combination pots add the perfect blend of color to patios and decks. Design your own or pick from our many pre-planted styles. Plant pies are here! These pre-designed pies are ready to go. Just fill your planter with soil, place the plant pie for sun or shade on top, water it and watch it grow. It’s as easy as pie!!

Starting From Seed

If you like raising your own garden, we have a wide selection of seeds ranging from vegetables to wild flower mixes.

Growing All Season Long

In order to keep your plants growing healthy all season long, we have a variety of fertilizers, insecticides, animal repellents and weed eliminators. We also carry a large selection of potting soil, topsoil, manure and compost and of course natural and dyed mulch for all your planting needs.

Tools Of The Trade

You will find a large assortment of gardening gloves, pruners and trowels that will make planting a cinch.

Pots, Planters And Window Boxes

An extensive variety of clay, ceramic and plastic pots are available in an array of colors, sizes and styles to showcase your plants. Window boxes are the perfect addition to balconies and decks. With our many sizes and colors you are sure to find the perfect fit.